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We can't ignore the fact that South Africa's economy is facing some serious economic challenges currently: a weak rand and the ever-shifting sands of political uncertainty are placing an even heavier burden on those in business. With this scenario in mind, South African industry needs more than ever to invest in ‘smart’, energy-efficient technology.

During the prevailing tough economic times in which South African industry finds itself, Elquip Solutions prides itself on being able to fully support our customers’ energy-efficient and other productivity-related initiatives.

To do this, Elquip Solutions offers our customers an extensive range of electrical, automation, mechanical and consumable products as well as capital equipment. This extensive product portfolio offers excellent opportunities for consummate energy-efficiency, productivity improvements and increased return-on-investment.

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Principals for productivity, energy and cost-efficiency

I often praise the efficiency of a particular tool, machine or component that we make available to customers - but the truth is that any partner we represent has to be at the top of their game with energy and productivity cost savings. Elquip partners with more than 28 world-leading principals who are spearheading energy-efficient technology.

To give some examples, Hitachi develops and manufactures a wide range of automation products such as inverter drives, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and high dynamic AC servo systems. Techtop supplies high-quality electric motors with unmatched performance and features. Behringer leads in the manufacture of high-end cutting and profiling capital equipment.

And, when it comes to steel cutting and tube bending, our customers need look no further than YLM equipment for enhanced productivity.
In the current economic climate, flexibility of choice in tooling is critical, and this is where the Hoffmann Group comes in. The company has developed a three-tier system that provides customers with premium, standard and economy brands to suit all preferences and budgets.

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Euroblech 2016: Digitisation and automation the ‘game-changer’

To ensure that we can supply our customers in the sheet metal working sector with the products and processes which are up-to-the-minute and optimal for their needs, we attended EuroBlech 2016, the International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition: not only to look at the latest equipment but also to stay abreast of developments in this industry sector.

Euroblech provides the world with an expertise hub for the sheet metal working value chain. More than 1,500 companies from about 40 countries exhibited at Euroblech 2016, which drew almost 61,000 visitors from around the globe.

EFlexible manufacture essential

This year, the Euroblech event had a strong focus on digitisation and automation. This was in response to the sector where product variety is increasing and the size of batches is decreasing. These factors have made flexible manufacturing an essential requirement for the future.

From our experience in South Africa, we know that Elquip's clients in the sheet metal working industry are facing rapid technological advances that will compel them to overhaul and upgrade their production processes in order to maintain this manufacturing flexibility.

Our prime goal is to help our customers implement this strategy.

If you weren't able to personally attend the show, then visit our 'Partners' page on our website ( There you will be able to get a rapid overview of Elquip Solutions' principals – all of them companies that are dedicated to bringing your operation the world's best electrical components, tooling and machinery – securing your business’s energy and cost-efficiency well into the future!

Finally, a huge thank you to all our valued customers, suppliers and staff for their support during 2016, and wishing you all the very best for a prosperous 2017!

With warm regards,
Mike Cronin, Managing Director, Elquip Solutions
Elquip Solutions - Tomorrow's Solutions Today!

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